Click below to download the net installer for SimToolkitPro.

Download SimToolkitPro – Alpha 2


If you have received a popup as below, this is legitimate. Clickonce (the auto updater) doesn’t allow architecture changes, so when we went to 64 bit for better support we had to change the deployment. The best solution for this was to replace the current version with a downloader for the new version.

After installing the new version you may want to uninstall the old version to avoid confusion.


SimToolkitPro is a FREE, cross simulator, instructor station and approach training tool for FSX, Prepar3D and X-Plane

Approach Setup system and Reporting

Setup on final, vector, base or downwind approach at any airport in the world with customisable settings for each.

Get accurate reports with information on descents, heading, angles of approach, touchdown speeds, centreline deviation and touchdown location as part of a report that will grade your landings.

Weather System

A detailed weather system that allows use of presets, real world weather and fully custom built environmental settings.

Get METAR reports for any airport in the world and load it directly into the simulator at the click of a button.

Airport Database

Full airport and runway database with maps, radio frequencies and runway information.

Live Map and Flight Following

Live map with flight tracking overlay with embedded google maps. Custom update rates and upcoming overlays.

Network Mode

Connect to the simulator over a network, meaning a touchscreen laptop can be the ultimate cockpit companion for your simulator training.